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IBP Workshop Bid at BioMedEng 22 was successful and Travel Bursary available for ECR

22 July 2022

We are excited to announce that our workshop bid "Leveraging Next-Gen Multiscale Imaging at Central Facilities for Biomedical Engineering Research"at the BioMedEng 22 conference was successful.

Workshop goals:

  • Introduce next-generation central-facilities based imaging techniques like phase-contrast tomography, 3D X-ray scattering with applications for bioengineering.
  • Demonstrate their relevance for the UK and international biomedical engineering community with examples from musculoskeletal research.
  • Discuss routes to best access and training in these high-resolution methods.
  • Integrate the BioMedEng and ImagingBioPro community, identifying key themes for future sandpits and collaborative projects.

Detailed speakers and schedule will be available soon.

We are offering 15 travel bursaries, up to £300 each to IBP member Early Career Researchers (up to 5 years post-award of PhD) participants of BioMedEng 22 who intend to attend the workshop.
How to apply:
1. Join ImagingBioPro Network (free) here.
2. Send an email to

  • ​Subject: BioMedEng IBP workshop bursary - Your Name
  • Body: Please include the following statement "I can confirm I am a member of ImagingBioPro Network and an Early Career Researcher so I am eligible for the bursary" AND a short (<100 words) paragraph describing why you intend to attend BioMedEng2022 and the overlap of your interests with ImagingBioPro.

3. A valid receipt is needed for the bursary and a maximum of £300 can be awarded.

Contact: Ruikang Xue

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