IBP Symposium - 3D Printed Orthopaedic Implants

Date: 9 September 2022   Time: 09:00 - 13:00

Workshop goals:

  • To further the subject of 3D printed orthopaedic implants
  • To work with industry to identify the gaps in research

This MRC funded symposium will bring together surgeons, engineers, scientists, and
regulators to better understand how to optimise the performance of 3D printed orthopaedic
implants in patients. The faculty will bring expertise across 4 themes that are key to optimising
3D printed implants:

  • The Unmet Need: With talks on the clinical requirements of 3D printing and the surgeons and engineer’s view.
  • The Pre-Competitive Problems Facing Industry – A Panel Discussion: This session will involve discussion with a panel of engineers from manufacturers involved in 3D printing, including interaction with the delegates in attendance. Discussion will be around themes including the challenges of UKCA/MDR, preventing structural cavities and design equivalence.
  • The Latest Tools that are Enhancing the Post-Market Surveillance of 3D Printed Implants: Talks about the lessons learnt from retrieval analysis, 3D-CT imaging of patients with custom 3D printed implants and the role of blood titanium testing as a biomarker for implant function.
  • The Regulation of 3D Printed Implants: Representatives from the MHRA and Notified Bodies will present updates on regulatory requirements and challenges.
Location:  The Royal Society of Medicine, London