IBP Network Webinar: Project Highlights - Dr Catherine Disney and Dr Jingyi Mo

Date: 27 October 2021   Time: 15:00 - 16:00

In this special session of the IBP Network Webinar Series, we have invited two Early Career Researchers (ECR) to share their exciting research outcome funded by IBP proof-of-concept award (PoCA). Each speaker will give a 20 minutes talk, followed by 10 minutes Q&A.

Talk 1: Dr Catherine Disney - In situ synchrotron tomography of intact intervertebral disc to measure tissue and fibre strains

Abstract: Characterising intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue micro- structure and mechanics is needed to understand IVD degeneration. Importantly, soft tissues, such as the IVD, have a native structure and mechanical environment (residual strain) which can only be retained and studied under load using intact samples. This webinar will describe the use of in situ phase contrast tomography of an intact IVD to resolve collagen fibre organisation, and the application of digital volume correlation (DVC) to firstly, map tissue strains, and secondly, to track displacements of individual fibres. High-resolution phase-contrast x-ray tomography provides sufficient resolution of microstructural detail in rat spine samples for DVC to track displacements from native tissue. However, applying a standard grid-continuum DVC analysis to a hierarchical tissue dominated by concentric curved layers of orientated collagen fibre bundles can give complex strain patterns which can be difficult to interpret. A new approach of incorporating fibrous microstructure into DVC and subsequent analysis has allowed quantification of fibre reorientation, change in curvature and strain along individual fibres. Regional comparisons of >10,000 fibres revealed distinctly different architecture and fibre response upon loading.

About the speaker: Dr Catherine Disney is a Research Fellow in Prof Lee’s group at Research Complex Harwell, University College London. Her current research is in Tomo-SAXS: combining dynamic tomography and SAXS imaging of joint mechanics.

Talk 2: Dr Jingyi Mo - Multi-scale structural and mechanical characterisation in polyurethane-based tissue model

Abstract: In this work, a robust in vitro 3D tissue-engineered model for studying the tumour-regulatory mechanisms and treatment/drug response using bioinspired polyurethane (PU) was developed using freeze casting methods. The structural features and mechanical properties in response to surface modification by extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins including collagen and fibronectin (Col and FN) and pancreatic cell activities are investigated, using in situ multi-scale deformation analysis with combined lab-based multi-modal microscopy, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and confocal microscopy as well as synchrotron-based small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) and radiography. This work provides an observational basis for improved insight into the structure-property relations for future design and development of the tissue-engineered model and its application in bioengineering and biomedical field such as therapeutic treatment.

About the speaker: Dr Jingyi Mo is a Research Fellow in Dr Sui’s group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences (MES) at the University of Surrey. Her current research focused on investigating and understanding the intricate structure-function relations in hierarchical natural and bioinspired materials. Her expertise includes synchrotron X-ray with multi-modal correlative microscopy and multi-scale modelling.

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